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Артикул: PN-70TH5

A New Era of Breathtaking Detail and Interactions

Sharp’s impressive lineup of BIG PAD touchscreen LCD monitors has a new addition—the PN-80TH5/70TH5. Content on the screen of this 80- or 70-inch model is extremely precise, realistic, and easy to make out, thanks to 4K Ultra-HD resolution and direct bonding of the LCD panel. A bundled touch pen works with Sharp’s capacitive touch technology to provide a realistic “Pen-on-Paper” user experience. Writing on the screen feels fluid and natural. While the PN-80TH5/70TH5 is ideal for museums and libraries, where it really shines is in high-precision environments such as video and graphic design studios and research and architecture workspaces. This is your go-to monitor when you need true-to-life detail and superb interactivity.

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4K Ultra-HD Quality

The PN-80TH5/70TH5 employs an LCD panel with 4K Ultra-HD (3,840 x 2,160-pixel) resolution. This large size LCD monitor with four times the resolution of full-HD renders the textures of videos and images and reproduces the finest details of small text and intricate graphics. Besides the obvious benefits for office and educational settings, the PN-80TH5/70TH5 practically engulfs the viewer in highly realistic sensations and detailed accuracy. It satisfies the needs of professionals in industries such as architecture and engineering, as well as in academic settings and creative sectors.

Capacitive Touch Technology

Sharp’s original capacitive touch technology gives the PN-80TH5/70TH5 highly sensitive touchscreen operation. It allows ultra-precise multiple touch inputs to be detected X and Y conductive grids etched onto layers of display. This achieves high sensitivity and precision by reducing the noise level to one-eighth of conventional models. Say goodbye to unintended input errors. You can operate and write on the screen as intended with touch pens or fingers, and gain maximum benefit from its superb performance.

Direct Bonding Technology

Thanks to direct bonding technology, the PN-80TH5/70TH5 provides a consistent and natural feeling when you write on the screen. The LCD panel is bonded directly to the protective glass layer, thereby eliminating the air gap between them. This minimises the parallax difference and reduces the reflection and refraction of light. As a result, onscreen touch and writing operations are smooth and the display looks natural and offers clear visibility.

Simultaneous Writing

Keep everyone actively involved in the meeting or lesson by letting them write on the screen at the same time. The PN-80TH5/70TH5 recognises 30 touch points, allowing up to four people to use a touch pen or finger simultaneously to add their creative input when the inspiration strikes. Brainstorming sessions, meetings, and lessons become more lively and productive.

Minimise Glare and Fingerprints

Protecting the surface of the PN-80TH5/70TH5 is an anti-glare film that works to reduce glare and reflections and minimise fingerprint soiling.

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Диагональ экрана дюйм.



3840 х 2160p

Яркость кд/м²

300 кд/м²



Технологии матрицы, тип подсветки


Угол обзора

176x176 градусов

Время отклика пикселя

6 мс

Соотношение сторон


Количество отображаемых цветов

1.06 billion

Шаг пикселя

0.401 x 0.401 mm

Режим работы, ч.


Операционная система

Windows 10 IOT Enterprise

ПО для управления

SHARP Pen Software, SHARP Display Connect, SHARP Touch Viewer Software





Mini D-sub 15-pin x 2*7, HDMI (HDCP compatible, PC/AV signal compatible) x 3, Component video x 1*8, DisplayPort (HDCP compatible) x 2, RS-232 x 1


3.5 mm-diameter mini stereo jack x 1


DisplayPort (HDCP compatible) x 1


3.5 mm-diameter mini stereo jack x 1

Другие подключения

LAN port


Встроенные АС 2x10 Вт

Параметры сигнала


Landscape / Portrait / Face-up


Напряжение питания

100–240 V перем. тока, 50/60 Hz

Потребляемая мощность

325 W

Энергопотребление в режиме ожидания

< 0,5 Вт

Условия эксплуатации

Допустимая температура

5-35 °C

Допустимая влажность

20–80 %



1,612.5 x 941.4 x 92.5 mm

Вес без упаковки

57 кг

Комплект поставки

AC power cord, remote control unit, remote control unit battery (AAA size) x 2, set-up manual, cable clamp (insertion type) x 4, cable clamp x 3, USB cable, USB extension cable, RS-232C conversion cable, eraser, pen tray, touch pen x 2*11, touch pen adapter, touch pen adapter screw, touch pen battery (AAA size), pen tip x 2, speaker cover x 2, camera mount, camera screw, speaker cover attachment screw/camera mount screw x 6, CD-ROM, SHARP Display Connect license, vertical sticker, blank sticker


VESA (4 points), 400 x 400 mm pitch, M6 screw

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Мы команда профессионалов с многолетним опытом работы, разбираемся в технологиях производства, монтажа, настройки и ПО для всех типов экранов будь то светодиодные LED экраны, информационные LCD экраны, экраны для помещений и улицы, для витрин магазинов, кафе и меню бордов, рекламные видео панели и видеостены, в том числе нестандартные и изогнутые видео стены. Мы ценим ваше время, поэтому у нас индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту, мы предоставляем максимально быстрый расчет вашего проекта, а благодаря наличию основных, востребованных позиций экранов на нашем складе, осуществляем быструю доставку, установку и настройку конструкций любой сложности. Множество клиентов уже воспользовались нашими услугами, остались довольны и с восторгом рекомендуют Дисплей Плюс, как надежного поставщика Digital Signage решений и систем своим партнерам!

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